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Classification of Settlements

Brief description about Classification of Settlements.

Rural Settlements: Village Types

There are several types of rural settlements. Farmsteads and

hamlets belong to rural settlements. Typical of rural settlements

are the villages. You are aware that India is a land of villages

Villages may be classified on the basis of

the site, situation, size and form as follows.

Compact Village

In this type of village, the buildings and houses are found

packed together. High population density is the indirect cause of

such compactness. As the houses and buildings are built in response

to demand from the population, they are huddled together. There

are several families housed in a single dwelling, in such villages.

Nucleated Village

These are villages which grow around some nuclei. The nuclei

may be a pond, lake or a temple. Roads and buildings are

constructed around it in a dense fashion. In the oases of deserts,

the nucleus of the settlements is the water source. In Tamil Nadu,

Madurai developed with temple as its centre. Likewise, there are

several settlements in India which had developed with forts and

palaces as their centres. St. George Fort was the nucleus of the city

of Chennai is a well known fact.

Grouped or Bunched Settlement

Let us suppose that a family leaves a village and settles down

in another place. Over time, there emerge several houses around it

to make a new village. In this manner, several settlements emerge

near about a village through time. In due course, all these

settlements form a group or a bunched settlement

Twin Villages

Although such settlements are clustered, they have two

definable parts. These parts may be found on either side of a bridge

or on the up and down slopes of the hills. Sometimes, the two

develop independent of each other. They may have the same name

with prefixes such as ‘Upper’, ‘Lower’, ‘East’ and ‘West’. At times,

they may have two different names.

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