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Colonial Structure of The Communication

Colonial Research over the study of Mass Communication.

Mass communication didn’t evolve in the media- poor and economically poor countries in a natural way; it was brought to them as part of external economic and political systems. It is by and large very much linked technologically and economically to the powerful nations. It fails in reaching millions in its own national environment because the majority are poor and can ill afford the use of costly media hardware. Because of the close links between the elite of both the rich and poor countries, the priorities on media agenda are almost the same and they work against structural changes needed to bring about actions favorable to the long suffering, the weak, the oppressed and the poor. On top of this is another problem peculiar to countries like India. The elite who direct the media are supposedly secular but are motivated in their actions by narrow, ritual caste-based and undemocratic practices. Ritualistic religion of the different groups is promoted using the mass media, forgetting that India has secular  polity according to her Constitution.

Mass communication is essential an urban phenomenon. As far as the spread of the media units and media users are concerned, mass communication in India is an urban phenomenon. Ninety percent of the print media and seventy percent of the electronic media are concentrated in the four large metropolises, state-capitals and industrial towns. Even though seventy-five percent of the entertainment of India’s population lives in the rural areas, media use is largely urban and predominantly for entertainment and petty political squabbles . There is very little attention on the use of the media for getting vital discussions of economic and social development of the rural majority. The media turn the countryside only when there is some crisis or calamity whether natural or man-made. 

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