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Cultural Differences Between Filipinos and Americans

Filipino and American cultures differ in many ways. From hospitality to dealing with neighbors, they differ a lot.

Filipinos are known to be very hospitable people and that is true. They love to invite people in their homes when they have special gatherings. Even if they don’t know them, they are always welcome to join the fun. How this thing happen that some people join even if the host don’t know them? it is because the invited guest will bring another guest unknown to the host. There’s nothing like that in America. You can not just take another person with you without informing the host ahead of time and it also embarrassing for that person to just come without being invited. But in the Philippines specially in the villages of Barrio’s, people are always like that and they are welcomed by the host to join even if they don’t know them.

When the Filipinos are eating when you arrive in their home for a visit, they will invite you to join them on the table. They will set a plate for you and give space for you on their table. Some of them don’t let you go unless you will be able to eat. That’s how hospitable they are. In American homes, very seldom you will be called to join with them on the table when it’s time for eating. They will just eat even if you are there, they will not ask you to join. That’s their culture and if you are really hungry, you can ask for food then they will give you but they will not as insistent as Filipinos to let you eat with them.

As what I understand, Americans are very private people most of them don’t even know their neighbors. They just say hi and hello and that’s all. Filipinos are very different because they know all their neighbors they even talk to them every now and then, giving and sharing things, food, helping when someone needs help but in America? they always mind their own business. There are times that somebody died and the neighbor don’t even know it until the body decomposed and smells bad that’s the time they call the police to inspect the neighbor’s house where the smell comes from. Can you imagine that? I can’t live with that kind of neighborhood but you have no choice when you are already there. Maybe the best thing to do is to reach out and strive to make friends with the people around. The question is, are some of those neighbors willing to make friends with you? Well, you will never know unless you try. That’s life in America. They said that Filipinos and noisy people, oh yeah, because they are alive and friendly.

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