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Development in Brazil

Looking at development in Brazil.

Brazil is a developing country, which means it is not to standard, it is still improving. Brazil may one day become a developed country but at the moment Brazil is far from that. Yes there are rich citizens in Brazil and Brazil has improved economically with its golden triangle but there are still millions in Brazil living in poverty. Brazil is developing rapidly and some say it is around the ninth richest country in the world. Although this money is not reaching many of Brazil’s citizens’ lots of people don’t even have enough to eat. The rich are very rich, benefiting from Brazil’s industries. Whilst the poor is very poor, with very little to go by.

Brazil’s GNP per capital is quite good compared to most countries is South America, although compared to most developed countries it is quite poor. Brazil also uses quite a lot of energy compare to most in South America but again not as much as most developed countries such as the U.K.  Most adults in Brazil can read and write as their literacy rate is quite high, an astonishing 81% this is very good seeing as most of Brazil live in poverty. Although in the U.K the literacy rate is 99%, this is not such a vast difference and in my opinion acceptable, although can be improved. The Infant mortality rate in Brazil is quite high at 57per 1000 births but not as high as Bolivia which has a 93 per 1000 births. 

Brazil still has quite a way to go but is well on its way. In several years time Brazil may be looked at as a Developed country or a neat to Developed country.

Brazil’s trading partners

And how Brazil is interdependent

Brazil is an Interdependent country. This means Brazil relies on other countries to help make progress in developing economically.  Many countries give help or aid to Brazil this comes in many ways.

  • Foreign banks loan money to Brazil.
  • Large multi-national companies invest money in developing industries and recourses.
  • Rich/developed countries provide aid.
  • Voluntary organisations provide aid although this is normally short term.
  • Trade has also been developed between countries around the world; this has played a very big part in Brazil’s development.

Brazil is also part of The L.A.F.T.A and the M.E.R.C.O.S.U.L this gives Brazil the right to trade all over the world as well as with the rest of South America. Before Brazil couldn’t trade with South America and that was a big set back for Brazil. Brazil has now been a member of the L.A.F.T.A for many years now.

Brazil manly trades with;  The USA, England/U.K , The E.U/ European Union, the Middle East, Japan and The rest of South America.  Brazil has Trading Surplus, meaning it earns more from exports than it spends on imports. The advantage of this is that Brazil can now spend its extra money in ways to reduce poverty and to improve living standards; this is a major step in development.

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