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Differences Between Men and Women

The differences between men and women have been the subject of discussions and debate throughout centuries.

Mainstream perceptions include the idea that men naturally assumed that they are superior over women and that, women are naturally weaker than men. Feminist movements fight for equality between men and women.

The fact of the matter though is man and woman is basically equal. Equality exists in the rights and opportunities under law. But it is a fact of nature that not all are equal. The inequality exists in abilities and talents inherent in each man and woman.

It is naturally absurd to expect that each person has equal talents and skills. Men and women are created equal but different in capabilities. Differences could be physical, mental, emotional, psychological and social.

Physically, men and women are made according to the functions that they are supposed to accomplish and for survival. Men have more upper body strength, easily develop muscles, thicker skin, do not bruise easily and lower threshold of awareness in their extremities. Men are built for physical activities and use of force.

Women have softer curves. Women’s breasts change or grow bigger in puberty. They have menstrual cycles. And women have the capacity to bear children which is not possible for men.

A man’s skull is said to be thicker than women. Women, on the other hand, have more brain cells connecting right and left side of brain. Men tend to solve problems using left brain but women use both sides of the brain.

Psychological make-up between men and women also differ. Physical differences are easily recognizable but the psychological differences appear to be less obvious. Psychological differences are observed in decision-making, women tend to decide faster than men. Studies also reveal that males show more aggression than females. Men do not feel guilty for their aggression while women feel guilty for acting aggressively.

Emotional differences between men and women are also noticeable. Men feel validated by doing shared activities such as sports, competition and sexual activities. Women feel validated when there is communication and sharing of experiences and personal views. Men tend to find sharing of personal views uncomfortable.

Mentally, men and women have different processes in coming up with a similar decision. Women tend to use intuition. Women process several sources of information and find connection in them. Women understand and consider problems at the same time. They seem to see elements in tasks or problems as connected and tend to get overwhelmed with complexities.

Men, on the other hand, focus on one problem at a given time. They separate themselves from the problem thereby minimizing complexities involved. Men understand and consider problems one at a time. They view tasks as less connected. Men tend to minimize subtleties that may be important to the solution. They talk about one thing over and over rather than address several problems at once.

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  1. rowena eran

    On August 11, 2008 at 2:22 am

    why is it that women used as a symbol of struggle?

  2. brunettehoney0

    On November 2, 2008 at 3:39 am

    Excellent article. A lot of people would argue against this saying that socialisation plays a big role in the behaviour of humans, the age-old argument of nature VS nurture. In my honest opinion, I believe nature always has the upper hand as our psychological and physical make-up is out of our control.

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