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Discrimination Against North East Indians- My Personal experience

Discrimination Against North East Indians- My Personal experience.

God, Im so sick and tired of Non resident Indians complaining of racism- they were called this term or that wah wah wah, they were not casted on The Social Network movie wah wah wah, Kaavya Vishwanathan was treated unfairly (even though she was a cheat) blah blah blah.

Times of India should have a seperate newspaper- Times of Non Resident India, given the amount of space they give to NRI’s on their pages. (I wonder if their next article would be: Indian- American politician wipes his a**!! Lets discuss this amazing development!!)

My answer to them? Deal with it. You or your family decided to move abroad and live among the majority white population. So just f****** deal with it. Or come to India.

Now dont get me wrong. Legitimate racism should be stopped and penalised. Severely. But please dont whine and moan everytime anything happens that upsets you. 

Let me give you an example- A Bengali origin woman who lived in one of the Scandinavian countries had the government there take her kids away from her. Reason? She was having regular fights with her husband as a result of which the kids were traumatised. Serves her right, right? Wrong. Her family made a huge melodrama out of the situation, constantly bothering the Indian govt to step into the matter. Why the f*** should India care? As far as I can see, the woman deserved it. F****** B**** doesnt care even for her kids. Her mother eventually got the custody. Now I dont have a very favorable opinion of Bengali women as it is, but this makes my blood boil.

This is what makes me mad. The hypocrisy behind these cry wolf racism protests. Because these same people who complain of racism abroad, would be the ones who are racist to minorities in India- namely, people like me. Yup, these same people would use the banned c word in front of me, ask me condescending, insensitive questions and give me wierd looks when I wear an Indian dress. They would call me for a job recommendation, and at the same time abuse me behind my back.

And then they wonder why North east Indians dont mix up with other people.

Im Indian and I love India as much as any other Indian- the diversity, the different religions, the rich geography, the movies…most of all bollywood music!! 

Liked it
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