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Do You Agree with Gay Marriage

Today everyone is being told to accept gay marriage?

What is marriage today?

Marriage is the foundation of family life where chromosomes are blended together making every person different and then they are nurtured if necessary for life.

It allows children to grow in the knowledge that a male and a female is always there to help them.

Nature provides two biological parents and where a loving bond exists between them this is the best way.

I believe that all loving couples have the right to have their relationships blessed but that is not marriage and most religious denominations would bless a loving relationship where sex is not the object.

The Catholics have always had such a ceremony it is when people chose to be married to Jesus they are marrying for love. I can see no reason why people who want to shouldn’t chose to marry Jesus together?

Today same sex marriage is mainly for legal reasons.

Same sex relationships may demand a full relationship and a blending of their chromosomes but this is impossible.

However same sex people can nurture children and many children would benefit from being nurtured by same sex couples

I think the fact that everyone is different proves the existence of God more than anything else

All children have the right to be blended and nurtured in loving relationships.

I would put their rights above all other rights and no one has the right to destroy the creations of God.

Today many people believe marriage is just for love ownership and sex and parental responsibilities are cast aside and their children are forgotten this is true of all nations it is time to rethink this idiotic idea.

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