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Drunks and Truth

We always say “He’s drunk already, don’t listen to him.” On the contrary, you try to listen when drunks talk because therein lies the unburdening of all the repressed hidden emotions.

Name them, anger, frustration, insecurities, fears, hurts, bitterness and resentments. What else? Hidden desires and unfulfilled yearnings. We all are in constant denial of the truth, whether if it is about hearing it or admitting it ourselves. But you know what? Try talking with a drunk friend and ask what he/she thinks about you, you’ll get everything out. Yeah, the whole truth. You’ll be amazed how much megabytes of emotions that heart can store. Want to expose hypocrites (fakes)? Get them to drink, then sit back and just listen to them babble.

Ever encountered a friend mentioned a very trivial matter when drunk? Those little almost forgotten issues that were brought up during moments when he/she’s heavily intoxicated? We simply shrugged and say “He’s really drunk already!” Yes, he’s drunk and yes, chances are it was something that was inside there in his heart festering and bottled up. It might be about a joke or a casual remark that might had hurt him, or on the upside a chance encouraging word that might had inspired him. About not showing up on his birthday or about you being there during a time when he was depressed (yet at that time you weren’t even aware of it). You listen to a drunk speak and be ready for a ton load of surprises.

Ever heard of stories when two friends had a drinking spree, then one mentioned about how pretty the other’s wife is? And it sparked a quarrel? Believe me, that remark didn’t came out of a vacuum. Somewhere inside there is that secret yearning for his friend’s wife. When sober, it’s only decent to admire from afar. But when drunk, all hell breaks loose.

Notice why drunks always fight? Because too much truth is being spilled out. Truth that comes from the deepest tunnel of the soul. Truth even that person isn’t even aware of anymore, but subconsciously still lurks inside. Truth is we just can’t handle too much truth. We fear it.

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