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Fighting Oppression: Unite and Win!

There is a lynch pin to the apparently various and seemingly overwhelming sources of oppression in our modern world that if removed will bring the whole rotten edifice tumbling down and enable the Good Guys to win. What is it?


You can gauge the level of oppression with which a people are forced to struggle by the number of betterment groups formed to combat it. A survey of the current scene tells us that at this time humanity truly has its collective back to the wall.

Thousands of betterment groups comprising tens or hundreds of thousands of very fine people, with the at least tacit support of millions more, are engaged in a struggle against one threat or another to human health and happiness, or even to any possibility at all for a future for humanity. The manifestations of oppression are as various as they are unpleasant and range from income tax to psychiatric human rights violations, environmental devastation to Third World destitution.

These manifold struggles are a deadly serious activity in whose happy outcomes we all have a vested interest but unfortunately, to date, happy outcomes appear to be out of reach: the Good Guys have been losing.

This tells us something: if many people are pushing very hard in one direction only to find themselves going backwards, someone or something is pushing even harder in the opposite direction. That someone or something must be a mighty power that has somehow escaped our attention.

An understanding of how the money system works enables us to unlock this puzzle and something becomes evident when one looks this over: all those betterment groups out there fight their individual battles alone – but the oppression they face is a united and coordinated force commanding massive resources. In short, each betterment group fights alone and with its limited resources the entire might of planetary oppressive power.

The process of borrowing money into existence is probably the daftest way ever invented of supplying an economy with its means of exchange but, sadly, it isthe modus operandi of planet Earth’s economies at this time. Only very few people know about it. The fraudsters responsible for this scam expend huge effort to hide it behind a cloak of respectability and a smoke screen of complexity: they stand to lose everything if it is ever publicly exposed.

The cause of freedom demands a broad public understanding of all this because it is the hidden, underlying cause of virtually all our current ills. It is the reason nations and industries suffer from the endemic debt that renders all economies inherently insolvent and catastrophically unstable. It has brought into being an echelon of power that is hidden from view but is SENIOR to governments

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