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Halloween Party Pendulum Magic

During Halloween, it’s always fun to play scary games with a group. Here’s a game using a pendulum that answers your questions. It’s been used by magicians to wow their audience. It’s no trick but nobody really knows how the pendulum can be so eerily accurate in its answers!

A fancy pendulum used by mystics. (dreamstime)

Here is a pendulum party game that’s perfect in almost any Halloween party! It will really make the hairs on the back of your neck crawl because it isn’t a trick! It’s a mystery that will boggle you to no end and send chills down your spine. All you have to do is make your pendulum from easily found materials around you and ask the questions!

What to do:

Get a few friends in a quiet place. This is to set the mood for a scary Halloween night. Tell your friends that you know how to access mystical powers to reveal the unknown (only for ambiance). Ask for a strand of hair from one of your friends (for a ceremonial feel), then ask for something personal that you can use as the weight of the pendulum. It can be a ring, for example.

Tie the ring to the strand of hair and use the combination as your magic pendulum. Hold the pendulum from the tip of the hair strand and once it’s still, tell the pendulum to swing back and forth for a “no” answer and to swing in a circle for a “yes.” Remember to do this ceremoniously to convince your audience (it’s a creepy performance after all). Tell the owner of the hair and personal item to ask the pendulum a question that can be answered with either a yes or a no as you hold it from the tip of the hair strand. You will be surprised that after a few seconds, the pendulum will indeed swing to give an answer! It’s likely also to be truthful and your friends will all freak out!

It’s not really clear how this pendulum magic works, and while there are plenty of theories, no one can really say what’s for real! Hmmm, perhaps we can ask the pendulum?

TIP: if no one likes to give a strand of hair, you can use just about anything that can work like a pendulum, such as a necklace!

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