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Han Sung Joo Miss Korea 1995

Hang Sung Joo is also a former Miss South Korea. But behind the fame of his name is, apparently Han Sung-Joo has a sex scandal with a male and has been leaking through to the virtual world. Han Sung Joo Sex Video This duration of about three minutes and have started on the upload to the internet on December 4, 2011 last.

Han Sung Joo Drunk till recorded video tape that includes celebrities in Korea Han Sung-Joo recently appeared on the net. Han was topped Miss Korea in 1995 and is currently hosted on Korean TV. in line with net reports, “Mr. Z” a friend’s ex-girlfriend Han uploaded a two-minute hot tape Sung Joo to his personal blog. This prompted a former lover of Han ‘Mr w’, to put in writing concerning his ex life together with her.

Han Sung Joo Miss korea 1995

He writes concerning Sung Joo as being “selfish and false” which “once in an exceedingly relationship with him, I learned what a narcissistic, hypocritical those that he was one there who is aware of what he is capable of ..” He added that “the he can aggressively retaliate against you, even though it implies that he should break the law, “he then goes on to state that it absolutely was Hansungjoo in hot video leaked. additionally, he conjointly upload a medical report bearing the name of Han, he had undergone an abortion procedure, and receipt detailing the price of the surgeon and hospital bills.

Korean community reacts with Mr W berated for being a former lover, ditrube privacy Han Sung Joo. to the current accusation, he replied, “I’m simply making an attempt to inform a private story of my poor All i’m saying is 100 percent correct .. How is that an invasion of privacy?” He went on to upload the scanned passport photo Han, that contains a photograph with a hanging resemblance to the lady in an exceedingly hot video. Han filed a lawsuit against her former lover to interfere together with his privacy, however he cannot stop the unfold of hot videos for currently. this can be as a result of he doesn’t admit that it absolutely was him within the drung han sung joo video. An insider from Korea Cyber Special Victims Unit explains, “Video” will solely be removed if the legal person concerned directly file a criticism.

Han Sung Ju gets sued for kidnapping and assaulting a man for 8 hours.

MC and news anchor Han Sung Joo is reportedly facing a lawsuit from former acquaintance ‘A’ for locking him in a room and assaulting him for eight hours.On December 20th, ‘A’ filed a lawsuit with the Seoul Central District Court claiming that in March, Han Sung Joo, her brother, mother, and two other men had locked him in a room and assaulted him for eight hours. ‘A’ requested $500,000 USD in compensation for the trauma.

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