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Hot Bengali Girls

Bengali girls are very simple but very attractive due to their hot and appealing face personality.

Bengal is a big agricultural state in India, most of the population in Bengal is related to aggregate work. Cotton in raw form and so many other ready made cotton products like, cloths, sheets, tents etc are exported to other states of India and also to international market. In Bengal people used Bengali language to speak. Bengali is also the national language of Bangladesh, and Indian Bengal state is neighbors to Bangladesh. People can easily move across the border for trading and other services.

Bengali girls are famous in India for their hot and sex appealing look. So many Indian actresses are belongs to Bengal. Bengali girls are short in height and their color complexion is whitish but very attractive. Girls living in cities are highly educated, but urban area girls are also well educated. Bengali boys are very talented and mostly educated guys migrated to abroad in various western countries like England, USA, Canada, and Japan etc. These guys are a very confident bout Bengali girl, that’s why Bengali newspapers are full of matrimony ads of these abroad living guys.

Bengali girls not so hot and modern like hot Tamil girls or Pakistani mujra girls. But they are very polite in talk and mostly wear simple dresses like Saree in home and casual functions.

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