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How to Live a Comfortable Life?

Living a comfortable life calls for some basic techniques concerning how a person deals with matters of health, spending habits, and commitment to his personal faith walk.

Living a comfortable life is the goal of many people.  Some may believe that in order to do so they have to be rich.  This is further from the truth.  A person can do so on an average salary and be quite happy.  One technique is that an individual should not overdo.  He should pay attention to his health, spending, and spirituality.

What matters is a person’s health?

Doing what is healthy is important, that means eating the right proportions of foods of proteins, carbohydrates with vitamins etc.  Fish, beans, fruits and amino acids are most helpful and so are whole grains found in wheat.  Nuts of all kinds are a plus and so is olive oil when cooking.  In addition, exercise at least three times per week for 30 minutes are necessary.  There is no need to overdo.  Regular walks are enjoyable especially with a loved one.  There are many trails in parks, along the seashore, or in your neighborhood.  If that does not work, you can always pay for membership to a gym at your local recreation center, YMCA, YWCA, or private club.

It is fun to be engaged with social groups.  Join a club.  Become active in a cause that promotes health issues such as cancer, heart, kidney foundations.  If that does not fit your needs, be active in your local library that is always looking for volunteers to sort books and having them shelved.   Meet with seniors in Institutes for Learning in Retirement.  Take some classes, that you enjoy.  Go to the local coffee shops and hang out with individuals.  If you like, bring along your computer and interact with young and old alike over a cup of coffee.  You will be thrilled to find out how much these activities will spice up your life.

How much money do you have to have?

You can live a comfortable life on your basic salary.  Live within your means.  If you have a family be sure to take care of them. Pay the rent for your apartment or mortgage.  Show them love and explain to them the necessity of living the way you do.  Save money by looking for coupons and clipping them before you go to the supermarket to buy food.  This saves a lot.  Shop for bargains.  Buy in bulk when necessary.  Buy what is on sale.  It is amazing how much you can save this way.  A lot of foods have a shelf life, look out for these items and as soon as you buy them at a reduced price use them right away.  Plan your vacation on a budget.  Drive and know where the hotel deals are.

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    On February 17, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    Being thankful for what you have and doing everything in moderation. The secret to a happy life. ^_^

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