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How to Not Feel Like a Burden

Feeling like a burden to someone, especially your loved ones, can hurt a lot. Instead follow these tips on how to not feel like a burden.

Every single person alive has felt like a useless piece of crap at least once in their life. Hell, I have, and sometimes do on occasion! Feeling like a burden is a tough feeling and can make you feel like running away or leaving the situation. But I advise you: don’t! Not everyone thinks you’re a leech and they can actually think the opposite. Instead, focus on how to not feel like a burden instead of running in the other direction.

Below are tips on how to not feel like a burden to everyone you love.

Ask yourself: why are you feeling like a burden?

Maybe the reason why you’re feeling like a burden is because you see everyone else’s actions as much more useful than yours. Maybe you feel like you’re not contributing to anything. Whatever the case, identify the problem and focus on fixing it.

Make yourself useful

The best way to not feel like a burden is to not be one! Make yourself useful around the house or wherever place you’re in. Even if you are not qualified to do anything, or you don’t have the skills to contribute to the project at hand, ask for what you can do. Even if it’s as simple as washing the dishes, doing the laundry, getting a cup of coffee, or tidying up the area, do SOMETHING!

Contribute to the next project

If you feel like you can’t do anything now, then prepare for something else. I know personally that if I feel like I can’t do anything to contribute to the task at hand, then I’ll go and prepare lunch or do paperwork for a future project. Always keep moving and never sit down without accomplishing anything.

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