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How Would You Feel If This Were You?

This is a social commentary on the current ability of the Department of Work and Pensions from the situation of a client.

                                                                Reference: NI………………

                                                                Appeal CIB/…/….

             Dear Sir/Madam


I wish to complain in the strongest terms about what appears to be the maladministration and stonewalling that has been my misfortune to be the subject of by the DWP


1.     I won the First Tier Tribunal, I won The Upper Tribunal, I was however informed that receipt of benefit would be suspended whilst awaiting a lead case. I was not informed as to when the suspension would begin or which lead case my case was attached to. when I phoned I was told which case. I was also informed that this would be confirmed in writing – that information never came.

      The reason for attaching my case to Charlton V Secretary of State was dismissed by the Appeal Judge. This is clearly explained within the “Reason For Decision” shown in the “Decision of The Deputy Upper Tribunal Judge”.  Therefore awaiting the outcome of a case that has already been heard (February 09) is to say the least ludicrous and inappropriate, thus the department of the decision makers (Makersfield and Leeds so I am led to believe)  had acted wrongly in suspending my benefit.

     This means that unless there was to be an Appeal by the Secretary of State against the judgment of the Upper Tribunal on a point of law or procedure – my benefit should have been reinstated in full and all outstanding payments made in full. This has not happened.

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