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Importance of Social Studies

The study of social sciences and humanities, more specifically the disciplines of anthropology, archaeology, economics, geography, history, law, political science, psychology, religion, and sociology, forms the basic core of thought for growing, inquiring minds.

Man is social animal without society they can’t live. If it possible for any to live without society. He/ she is God or Ghost instead of man. Social study is a looking glass of socio. Social anthropology, Social Climber, Social democracy, Social Science, Social security, Social welfare and Socialism are resemblance in Social studies with a proverbs Education without Social study is equal with curry without salt.

I am thankful to Authors and Editors of Social studies. The curriculum for this consists of Geography, History, Civics and Economics.

The content of Geography is about whole world Physical setting especially about our “JANAMA BHOOMI” India. Physical features like relief, like irrigation, agriculture, mineral resources, industries, transport and communication, place of interest etc.

The History part is very useful to all being. On Nationalist movement. Bhkti movement, freedom movement and about World war-1, World war-2 with all kinds of revolution, administration of Rajas and Maharajas, prominent personalities, History is fulfilled. According to Karl Marx “History is nothing but a records of class struggles”. History tells us about the architecture, Sculpture and painting. History is one kind of crops of Mythology, Philosophy and ideology. Another way history collects impact of Alien Culture.

Civics deals with the subject matter and information which are essential and to be learnt by the students. It will help to develop an understanding of National Integration.

Economics is another valuable study, without economics education is valueless. By economics we know the characteristics of Indian economy, rural urban composition, personal income distribution in India, capitalization economic system, social economic system and mixed economic system etc.

All these phrases state that Social study is great part of education and it is very important for students.

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