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Indian Women and Teens Girls Sex Life

Girls are living a hard life in great India. Some welfare societies are doing hard job to change this bad situation.

After China India is the second big country in the world by population. India is the only country in the world where women ratio in population is less than men. The reason of this unnatural population balance is not created by nature but the poverty. Women operation abortion when they get a female birth in ultrasound report. Poor parents cannot afford the education and wedding expenses of their daughters that’s why they kill the innocent babies before taking birth.

In urban areas of India illiterate and vulgar people don’t hesitate to buried their little baby girls alive. This is very shameful and humiliated condition in India; many welfare societies are playing a very ideal role to stop these illegal and unnatural killings. Members of these welfare societies are visiting urban areas to educate people about human rights. Some societies are also providing funds and easy term loans to poor families to stop these unwanted activities.

On the other hand prostitution in India are also a very big industry. You can hire a young  or teen age call girl for whole night just for one Dollar; one Dollar is equal to 40 Rupees in India. Young teens are living a low cast sex life without marriage. Its all shocking but true, but lets make a hope in a positive way that all these bad activities will come into a good way one day.

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