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Macaulay Culkin Will be Dead Within a Year

He may not have long to live………..

We’ve all seen the recent pictures of a stockily thin and ill looking Macaulay Culkin. Its hard to believe the man now knocking on death’s door is the same sweet child that made us laugh with his crazy inventions to stupid the bad guys on Home Alone 1 and 2. 

The 31 year old actor was recently pictured looking like a frail old man as he stopped to chat to fans in New York. Macaulay’s representatives claim there is nothing wrong with the home alone actor saying he was ” in good health “. 

I am not convinced. Everyone says there fine and a few months later they are dead. I hate to say it but it wouldn’t surprise me if Macaulay was the next Celebrity to die and tragic death and leave this earth. I hope he cleans on his act and begins to lead a healthy responsible lifestyle before its too late.

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