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Minicar ” Hustler ” Made ​​in Japan to Make a Frowning Brow

Minicar " Hustler " made ​​in Japan to make a frowning brow.

Suzuki Motor Corp. did not think the name ” Hustler ” for the new square mini car aimed at Japanese consumers become the scorn of people speak English as the word association with the name of an adult magazine ” Hustler ” .

Picking the words of a foreign language vocabulary without checking beforehand how the words were interpreted by those who speak a foreign language it seems to be a habit of Japanese companies .

Japanese companies repeatedly issued products with brand overheard disgusting .

Hustler name was chosen to paint a picture of dexterity as well in order to make consumers remembered the off-road motorcycle that was released in 1969 branded Hustler 250 , a public relations official said Suzuki .

But foreign tourists even reminiscent of the brand ’s magazine founded obscene Larry Flynt porn industry leaders to match Playboy magazine .

The word was also associated with money obtained from unlawful activities or immoral industries such as prostitution , corruption , and the like .

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