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Morals and Values in The 21st Century

Society has changed and moved from old fashion ways of thinking in everyday life.

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American society has changed throughout generations going back hundreds of years. We have made tremendous strides with all sorts of technology and science breakthroughs, it’s amazing! But, our behavior as a an american society at times, can be disappointing. You can see and hear stories everyday about a parent leaving their children home alone by themselves without supervision so that the parent can go out or driving drunk with kids in the car. These examples are modest in nature, as we see stories daily that are much more horrific! What ever happened to respecting each other and knowing that sometimes, we can’t see eye to eye on particular issues? We don’t look out for one another and try to help each other the way we used to years ago. Would you help that stranger that you just walked past if they truly needed your assistance?

We need to re-examine our thoughts and feelings toward one another. We need to pick each other up instead trying to put someone else down. We’re losing our focus as to what really matters in life. There is no such thing as a perfect world, but we can at least try to get as close to that as we can. Responsibility for ourselves and our actions seems to get lost somewhere and we need to find it!

Old fashioned values are a good thing to have and use as reference. The world is in so much of a hurry with everything that happens, especially in our daily lives. Our kids still look to us adults for guidance and hope. We need to show them that with a some hard work and effort, they can achieve anything that they put their minds to. Something is missing from society in the 21st century and our core values aren’t what they used to be. If we use good, sound judgement in our daily lives and really commit to being better people, then life would be much better for all. We need to look in the mirror, and ask the difficult questions. 


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