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My Very Own Top 6: Japanese Gravure Idols

Today I’m putting your attention on something that majority guys like (including me) — the Japanese “gravure idols".

These types of Japanese idols are voluptuous and sexually erotic, but they usually draw the line at close to nudity.
In Japan, this gravure idols are also called “chakuero queens”. which translate to something similar to “hot sexy erotic queens”. This special Japanese idols are featured in a lot of men magazine, TVs show and low budget DVDs.

So enough rambling and get on with it, here are the list of my top 6 favorite Japanese gravure to grace the world and a lot of men happy. :)

Sugihara Anri 

Morishita Chisato 

Isoyama Sayaka 

Kumada Yoko 

Hoshino Aki 

Tejima Yuu 

Liked it
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