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Myth of The Jews at The Wailing Wall

Myth of the Jews at the Wailing Wall.

Arab citizens confused very confused him with the news moving from a position of political leaders of Arab and Palestinian in particular, projects and peaceful settlement of the alleged subject of Jerusalem. It is the most dangerous statements Arabic, which confirms our neighborhood and deny altogether that the Palestinian leadership and some Arab leaders have accepted to be the enemy of the Zionist sovereignty over the Western Wall of the Haram Al-Aqsa (Al-Aqsa Mosque), known as the Wailing Wall and the Jews who invented called the Wailing Wall! And dangerous in these statements it shows the willingness of some Arab negligence in the inalienable rights, of religious sanctity for Muslims to own this without extravagance and without being able to him one has them.

   The dispute over the Western Wall (Wailing and knees is an animal that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him the night of Isra ‘from Mecca to Jerusalem and was described as a set at the very sight Hafarha!) Is otherwise. I do not want to cite to readers historical details are no longer relevant, but I might just mention that in the wake of the unrest that occurred in the city of Jerusalem because of the ill-Jewish use of the rights that tolerance of Muslims with them in the will, the Council of the League of Nations on 15 May 1930 the formation of an international committee of three non-Muslims and non-Jews, to study the Wailing Wall or Western Wall and the rights it claimed by Muslims and Jews. Has exercised its work since 19 June 1930 and issued its report in early December (December) 1930.

The results were reached by the Committee to conclusive regarding the Arab right to the Wailing Wall, the Commission concluded the following: “The right of ownership of the wall and the right to dispose of it and Georh of places queried in this report is up to Muslims. The wall itself is the property of the Muslims for being an integral part of the Haram al-Sharif. and it proved to the Commission .. that object when the pavement where the wall where Jews worship is also the property of the Muslims. “ ”It also proved that the ICRC to the region surrounding the sidewalk in question had stopped the King better Muslims after Saladin about the year 1193 AD.” 

   ”The wall itself to being an integral part of the Haram al-Sharif is to stop without a doubt. If we take into account the information provided by a team of Muslims based on the endowment and to the provisions of Islamic law have the sidewalk in front of the wall from the same locality ranked endowment Moroccans.” 

   ”As for the wall It’s the same difference of opinion. And the Commission tends to accept the Muslims say about it, that is, the entire Western Wall is holy to Muslims because it is the shop that came down when the Prophet peace be upon him and passed him and then link it glamorous.” 

   ”Prevention, which was announced at times ((meant to prevent Jews from praying before the Wailing Wall)) was specifically addresses some of the work was carried out by Jews and Muslims see as an encroachment on the property, the expansion of old habit, which dragged them in the past in the vicinity of the wall.”

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