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New Dimension in My Earning

Sharing the new way I like to use to earn money in online.

       After running for about three years in the field of earning through internet without investment, I found a way which is creative for me. It is the way of producing ‘customizable products’ in the site which is now popular among more people. I have joined this site after seeing more articles written by a friend through online named Stine1. She is doing great in this site and earning good revenue through this site.

     I got inspiration from her to join here. After that I started my new shops named ‘Arrow shop‘ and ‘Indian gifts‘.  I just started with some products which is so amateur. I am not so good designer as like the others working there. But I enjoy this work. I wish to improve my creativity more and more and I would give more work there.

    Here I would share about the products I have designed till now.

  1. Peacock feather Postal stamp
  2. Black and white Poker cards
  3. Simple similing button
  4. Butterfly button
  5. Lucky design button
  6. Hilly mountain with cloud I phone 5 case
  7. Champa mug 
  8. Good luck Pendant
  9. Peacock feather I phone 5 cover

   These are my works in the site. Hope you would like and I wish to get review from you.

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