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North Korea Making Its Own Smartphone, State Media Suggests

North Korea making its own smartphone, state media suggests.

North Korea is reported  to be producing its own smartphone, with leader Kim Jong-Un giving his seal of approval to the project.

The communist state’s KCNA press agency showed Kim traveling a “factory” and inspecting the phone, that it claims is made exploitation “indigenous technology.”

The phone is known as Arirang, when a renowned North Korean folks song.

Specifications of the phone ar unknown however the young leader “noted that these hand phones are going to be terribly convenient for his or her users as their camera operate has high pixels,” KCNA reports.

Kim “highly appreciated the inventive ingenuity and patriotic  enthusiasm with that the officers and workers of the manufacturing plant set a solid foundation for mass-producing hand phones by building a replacement trendy hand phone production method,” it said.

“He praised them for developing associate degree programme in Korean vogue that provides the simplest convenience to the users whereas strictly guaranteeing security.”

The manufacturing plant has “laid a solid foundation” for mass manufacturing the phones, it said.

But in pictures discharged of Kim’s tour, production of the phones is not really shown, resulting in suggestions the phones ar created in China and repackaged in D.P.R.K..

Whether Kim himself can use the Arirang is unknown.

There was feverish speculation earlier this year on what smartphone is Kim’s most popular alternative once he was photographed with one throughout a gathering.

It was safe to mention it wasn’t a Samsung.

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