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North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-il Dies at 69

We knew the day was imminent due to bad health and diet, but today it was unexpected.

YouTube has several videos of the North Korean people crying over the death of Kim Il-sung, father of Kim Jong-il. Now we have access to footage of people mourning over his son’s death. At age 69, he hadn’t done too badly. His diet was poor, due to famine in North Korea and bad choices. Also, at one point he was the single-handed largest importer and owner of Hennessy Cognac.

No one seems to know exactly how he died, although the rumors include diabetes, stroke and heart attack. Heart attack is the most commonly circulating speculation but only time will tell the true cause.

His son, Kim Jong-un is supposed to lead the country now. Many feel that he is inexperienced and that the North Korean officials may give the role to a dear friend of the family until he matures and gains experience. The other issue is whether or not he will be more lenient, more cruel or parallel the degree of rigidity that his father led with. 

North Korea is one of the most heavily militarized nations on Earth. It is by far the most secluded, so much so it is commonly referred to as the Hermit Kingdom. From space, you see all of Eastern Asia lit up like a Christmas tree. Tokyo, Beijing and Seoul are all gleaming. Just ever so slightly North, however, not s single gossamer shard of luminescence is to be found. 

The reason North Korea is such a mystery is that whenever an outsider enters the country – on the rare occasion that permission is granted – North Korea only shows its best side. “Minders” as they are called follow visitors everywhere. They never take their eyes off the people. So, all this being the case, how do we know about the prison camps? Well several defectors worked in the camps or acted as guards and describe vividly the tyranny that takes place behind the barbed wire, land mines and electric fences.

National Leaders and Members of Parliament worldwide are commenting on the incident. Many are worried about the events that will come after or proceed during this “difficult period of transition”. 

Whether or not the military development of north Korea will be held up is uncertain, but many speculate that their production and research into nuclear weapons will experience a set back until the death is no longer a big topic of concern to the country.

He was known by many names: The Great Leader, The Dear Leader, and The Great General. However, in history, he will be known as one of the cruelest, most unjust dictator to roam the Earth. Responsible for such atrocities as the prison camps, he will no doubt have trouble justifying any level of peace in passing come Judgement Day. 

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