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On Political Reformation in India

The phrase “economic reformation” has been in the air in India right from the last decade of the last century. ……
People of India have often heard the phrase like “political reformation” from the same source.

On Political REFORMATION in India

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The phrase ‘economic reformation’ has been in the air in India right from the last decade of the last century. Nobody can deny that this has simply raised the rate of dependence of India on the USA. It is also a fact that it has been made possible because of virtual disintegration of the Soviet Empire which has, in the history of the world, registered itself as high priest of one of the most unsuccessful forms of experiment on socialism. Mr. Monmohan Singh, honorable Prime Minister of India, may be complacent as he has forced or persuaded to kneel down the communist varieties of India, especially the CPI(M) brand, at the alter of the deity against which they have spread decades of greatly demonic war-cry.

One can note that salaried people are now happy and that traders are now happier and that members of a few hundred corporate houses are …See More <javascript:void(0)> the happiest in India thanks to the eulogized economic reformation. Parallel to this economic reformation in India, (it is being said that ‘economic reformation’ has been continuing,) reformation programs have already offered free of cost beggar’s bowls in the hands of millions although there is no unanimity on their exact number. Ministers of the center and of different states frequently announce that nobody in India dies of hunger. How ridiculous and shameless this attitude is!

People of India have often heard the phrase like ‘political reformation’ from the same source. It is not clear if it is limited to the issue of funding the political parties for their election expenditure.  It is now open even to the children of this country how honorable representatives of the Indian people behave in both houses of the Indian Parliament. No voice is heard to reform them although they make heads of their people down with shame whenever the temple of Indian democracy is in session. One-third, it is from the media, of the honorable members have criminal background. No voice has been raised to reform this domain. Gun-welding goons of the registered political parties, ‘Harmads’* of CPI(M) in the state of West Bengal included, dictate terms before and after the so-called ‘peaceful elections’ and they  manipulate results of the opinion of the people in the country of MAHATMA GANDHI and RABINDRANATH TAGORE.

Has any one from the Indian electorates ever heard from the ones at the helm of power that it is the first spot which requires immediate reformation as democracy cannot remain alive in the environment of violence of any form? Hence, Indians, in the recent years, are left with no option but to watch how helpless these powerful political people are when the menacing Maoists have been encircling them slowly and steadily.

Yes, people of India have reasons to get afraid when they hear the term ‘reformation’ from the same known sources.

·    Goons of Communist Party of India (Marxist) are popularly known as Harmads.


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