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Outcasts of The Society, How Should We Treat Them?

A class activity at school made me realize one important thing-How should we treat the outcasts of our society?

A while ago, in school, my teacher gave us an activity. She told us to form groups of five to six members each. Then, she asked each member to pick one paper containing an occupation or a role of the society. She told us that we are going to convince our groupmates that we should be saved from the apocalypse according to the Mayans. We should use the role we picked as our own occupation or role in the society. At the end of the activity, every member of the group must pick three persons to be saved from the apocalypse.

Some students picked roles that are essential to the society. They are lucky because they don’t have to convince their groupmates that much. One of those lucky students was me. I picked the role of a doctor. Since the doctor is very important to a society, I was chosen to be saved. But others picked roles which people hate the most and are considered outcasts of the society like an ex convict, drug pusher, corrupt politician and other roles of people you don’t want to have. Most groups decided to save those who are important to the society like the doctor, teacher,etc. 

After the activity, I came to realize that some of my classmates had gave good reasons why they should be saved even if they picked the role of the outcasts. But still they are not saved. Maybe because most people has put into mind that outcasts of the society are always the bad people. Yes, some of the roles given a while ago were ex convicts, drug pushers, etc. Those people has committed crimes or wrong deeds from the past. But shouldn’t we give them the second chance to live a good and peaceful life without making them feel they are excluded from the society where they live. Yes, they have committed mistakes but everyone has the right to be given a second chance. What you don’t know is that maybe they already changed for the better. Remember they are also human beings like us who has rights too. What we should do is welcome them to our society whole-heartedly and sincerely. Even Jesus himself welcomed the people who were considered outcasts with His whole heart. Just like Him we should also do the same.

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