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Patriotism and What It Means to Me

Patriotism: the seventh of our beloved precepts.

We all realize the importance of being patriotic and displaying the flag properly on certain days like Veterans Day, Memorial Day, or Decoration Day (which some people call it). We all try to remember the sacrifice that the soldiers made for us. But what if we were all there, at that same battle field, and at the same time when all the soldiers there where fighting. I think we would not struggle to remember what the soldiers did for us but we would remember it all our life. The soldiers risked their lives just to get the freedom we all know and have right now. But what does patriotism mean?

In the dictionary it reads that patriotism is commonly defined as, “love of and/or devotion to one’s country”. But to me patriotism is one of our most important precepts because it teaches us how to be a good citizen to our beloved country.

Millions of young men have given up their lives knowing that some well meet death and not see their families again, but they have proven the devotion to their country by giving their lives to defend this great country; even though many of them gave all of us these great blessings that they won for us which we all enjoy now. We still forget to remember why those great soldiers that gave their lives into this great country. In the crises of the nation’s history, youth has defended it’s honor with their lives and honor that they have for their great country and nation.

I think that patriotism is most important in today’s society because in today’s society young men don’t realize what being patriotic means and they don’t know what all the soldiers are fighting for. Back then the youth would join the army not just for shooting a gun but they would go to serve their country in time of need. Millions of young men given their life to fight for the Independence we all have and love now.

All the young men have proven their heroic devotion to their great country by offering their life to defend this country that we all live in.

We could encourage patriotism every day not only on Veterans Day, Independence Day, and Memorial Day but every day because patriotism is one of the most important things in life. We all need to stand and support the troops off in war, and remember all those lost in combat. Even if youth is stepping up to take the spaces of the men lost in combat. Being patriotic gives you the 1. rights to participate in in national politics, such as 2. voting, 3. joining national social movements, 4. litigating in federal court, and 5. enlisting in the military or 6. serving in the civil service. Defending the Constitution is one of our oaths in this country, the constitution is our written charter of government and all of our basic rights.

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