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Punjabi Costumes

Some thing About Punjabi dresses.

India is wealthy in customs & tradition.  The social outfit and cultural costumes are specified additional weight age. Salwar Kameez is the folklore of Punjabis, Sikh and north Indian states. Still the Mughals and Muslim society are also wearing this dress code. This Costume is felt relaxed and accepted by a large amount of the women’s in India. The designer Salwar and designer Sarees are magnetism athwart the world and worldwide.

When we talk about panjabi dress we can see that Punjab is the soil of energetic and vibrant citizens. While they have very dazzling and multi-colored traditional dresses, they are no means aggressive to current clothes. You want to trip Punjab; you require not smash your head thoughts concerning the costume to be tattered. You can wear traditional Indian dresses or choose Western dresses. Punjabis are extremely spiritual people and sturdilyturn away everything that has symbols of depravity.

Punjab is a colorful state, you can’t grasp your excitement for extensive. Punjab is a ground of vivacity and energy, which is imitated in its traditional costumes. Salwar kameez is the accepted outfit worn by the mass of Punjabi women. It have three part of clothes – salwar (pant or base part), kameez (shirt or top part) and dupatta (a shawl worn nearly the neck). Salwar kameez is various range & variety. ‘Phulkari’ and ‘bagh’ are the traditional shawls designed with fantastic sketch, which are tremendously well-liked in whole world. Punjabi men normally dress in loose-fitting pants or chinos with a chokered shirt or t-shirt. The people of Punjab is also wear kurta paijama.This is a small knowledge about panjabi dress code.

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