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Recycled Christmas Lantern Ideas

Using recycled materials to make a beautiful Christmas Lantern…

Last week, my daughter’s project at school is to make a lantern but use recycled materials.  Only this morning that I’ve seen their finished product.  One group used soft drink bottle caps which they glued on the newspaper covering of the frame.  Another group, used leaves which they painted with gold and put a mini-manger in the middle of the frame.  Some used magazines, plastic straw and newspapers.  The group who got the highest grade used also old newspaper which the carefully folded and made into a mat then applied a varnish so that it will not look dull.  Then they decorated it with flowers and garlands which is also a recycled newspaper.  The tail of the lantern looks great too which is a newspaper folded and made into hoops that is attached to each other.  Young minds nowadays are more innovative and creativein doing such projects.  Though it is made from recycled materials, the outcome looks good and new.  Do you have projects like this in your country? What could be a better material?

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