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Reported Killed, Jon Bon Jovi Upload Photos

Shocking news came from singer Jon Bon Jovi. By a blog, he reportedly died of a heart attack.

The news was apparently a lie because the singer in a healthy condition. Quoted from page Acehowbiz, a site called dailynewbloginternational writes that the international legend Jon Bon Jovi rocker died at the age of 49 years. Even in these sites is explained that Jon Bon Jovi was found unconscious in a hotel room after the live concert.

Posts made on Monday, December 19, 2011 this, instantly making fans of Jon Bon Jovi surprised. However, it did not take long for Jon Bon Jovi to deny the news. He also upload a photo on his Facebook account. In the photo, Jon is seen standing in front of a Christmas tree while holding a piece of paper that read, “Heaven is very similar to New Jersey”.

To ensure that the photo is the most recent, Jon did not forget to write the date and time, ie, “December 19, 2011 6:00 PM”. Along with the photo uploaded, written also amessage that reads, “Be assured that Jon is still alive and healthy. This photo was just taken”.

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