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Research: The Nerd in High School Usually Success

They are not popular in the schools tend trained to maintain its character.

They are not popular and tend to be geeky at the school have a ticket succeed in the future. That’s the core of the book titled ‘The Geeks Shall inherit the Earth’ by Alexandra Robbins. 

Perhaps you remember how the old school era. Are you a nerd who does not understand fashion trends, style, and even romance. So, whether you now feel more successful than the more friends hanging out at the time? 

Alexandra Robbins spent a year observing students in a number of public and private schools. He sought out the cause of children’s popular and influential in school, tend not to succeed after graduation. 

He distinguishes popularity in two categories, namely ‘is considered popular’ when the person is above the social hierarchy, and ‘popularity actually’ when people really liked. 

Robbins focuses on the problems behind the popularity on the schools that immediately evaporate after setting foot outside the school. And, why do people not popular like nerds have more chance of success than those popular. 

Those who do not generally have problems adapting popular with his friends.However, some companies including Yahoo more priority to hire people like that to avoid the popular thinking. 

Interestingly, many top artists of the world or the celebrities who turned out including the classes while still in school are not popular. Call it Steven Spielberg who is often mocked as a Jew. Lady Gaga-called ‘crazy’. The unpopularity is actually made them famous. 

Robbins said they are not popular tend to be more able to ‘hit the ground’. They are more self-aware, far more honest, more courageous than they were popular. This is because, they are not popular to survive in conditions and situations that do not support them. 

Let’s look at one school in Arkansas, many young women who require gang members to use high heels, branded goods, and to report their weight every day. They are not aware, the properties of this kind which would be toxic in the future. 

However, for people not popular it could be something beneficial. ”You’ll tend to let others push to perform a command, and this is useful in the future 
front, “he said. 

But unfortunately, Robbins does not offer data from the assumption that connects the standardization and clear definition of popularity.

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