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Robot Sex Slaves are No Longer Science Fiction

Yes, it’s creepy, but technology has reached the point where some companies are making robots that are somewhat lifelike and could be used for sexual gratification. So far these robots are not generally available for sale, but it’s only a matter of time.

Science fiction

Science fiction as a literary and cinematic genre has a history of human-like robots, called androids or gynoids (female androids), that are used or could possibly be used for sexual purposes. The movie Blade Runner is a common example of a science fiction movie that included female robots, some of which were for sex., in a dystopian future. Ira Levin’s horrorific novel The Stepford Wives takes a look at how using robots for sexual relations can go horribly wrong. Female robots are also quite common in comic books and are not unknown in video games and even in Star Warsmovies, though it is rarely explicitly stated or even suggested these robots have a sexual role to play.

That is the past. That is fiction. But it would seem the future is here today, and it’s no longer fiction.

Meet Aiko

Project Aiko is the first functional female android created in Canada. She … it went on display for the first time in 2007 at a hobby show at the Toronto International Exhibition.

Aiko simulates feeling pain and reacting to it. Aiko can also speak about 13,000 different sentences in English or Japanese. Aiko can even solve math problems and recognizes faces individually. However, Aiko can as of yet not walk.

So far, there are no reported sexual uses for Aiko. Still, looking at images of Aiko (see below) and taking into account the robot’s somewhat lifelike silicone skin, would it not be only a matter of time before someone would consider using Aiko for sex?

Meet Actroid

The Kokoro Company first unveiled its humanoid robot, Actroid, in 2003 at the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo. Since then there have been multiple, new versions of Actroid created with plans to begin selling the Actroids possibly in 2010.

Actroid can react to being touched, and can move slightly, though cannot walk. It has a silicone layering that is supposed to feel very much like human skin. Actroid can also talk and is able to carry on limited conversations.

Again, there are as of yet no known sexual uses for Actroid. Still, the potentialities should be obvious.

Meet EveR-1

Scientists at the Korean Institute of Industrial Technology created EveR-1 and first displayed this gynoid at Seoul in 2006. A newer versions of this robot, EveR-2, has since been unveiled with future models in the works.

EveR-1, and EveR-2, is able to simulate the appropriate facial features for a number of human emotions, and has limited speech capabilities. It is able to move its arms and upper body, including the head and lips, though is not yet able to walk. EveR-2 is capable of singing. Both these robots have a silicone jelly skin.

Once more, no sexual functions, at least not admitted to publicly.

Meet Real Doll (NOTE: sexual content link)

The Real Doll is most explicitly made for sexual gratification. However, technically, the Real Doll is not a robot. It has an inner structure of stainless steel joints, but at this time has no computer inside of it and no true, complicated mechanics that would allow it to perform any functions on its own. This could, and most likely will, change in the future, especially as technology improves further.

The Real Doll comes in female and male models of many different sizes, and can include any skin, eye and/or hair coloring of the customer’s choice. The Real Doll also has lifelike silicone skin. The Real Doll cannot stand on its own, but it can be posed in many different positions.

The future

The creation of robots for sex raises plenty of questions and concerns. Will this alienate humans from one another? Will it be safe? Will it create a lower population? These are just a few of the questions that will likely be raised over the next several years. It is possible situations and problems unthought of will arise.

That being said, it is no great leap of logic to imagine the Real Doll technology combined with robotics to create androids and gynoids for sexual gratification. More than likely this sexual technology already exists but has not been released to the general marketplace as of yet, or at the least is in beta stages.

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