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Seven Types of Insane/ Crazy People That You are Bound to Encounter Eventually

A list of seven crazy or insane people that just happen to like to pop up in random places.

       Everybody encounters people who they think are “off”, especially in public. These  individuals can come in a wide variety of different quirks and personalities that may, annoy, irritate or fasten the individuals arount them. These people include, but are not limited to, 

1. Teachers. Their sense of humor is usually off, and they tend to be a little irregular, possibly because they have to deal with kids daily. When kids are unruly, and the teacher has no control, it is a little more than damaging psychologically.

2. Hardcore students. These people study so hard, that they neglect everything else. This neglect may cause a loss of social skill, or a lack of a social life. Usually associated Asians and Asian parents, the definition rather contradicts the whole ” in public” idea.

3. Policy / Tournament of champions Lincoln Douglas debaters. These people spend 50 hours a week on their activity, and may look down on anyone not doing debate. They can also generally speak so fast that it defies a normal person’s comprehension. Not to mention, much of debate jargon may be slipped into casual conversation, and if they notice a loophole, or a way that you can be refuted, they will use it to make you feel dumber.  They also happen to usually be giant walking libraries of information, so they can find more loopholes to exploit.

4. Soccer Moms. They care so much, and pin so many dreams upon their child, that they become very loopy. This type of person, is not pleasant to encounter in public, to say the least. They senselessly brag about the slightest achievement, and will senselessly worry about the slightest harm that their child may be affected by.. A primary example of this is the H1N1 scare, and the whole vaccines equals autism “science”.

5. Politicians. Politicians will have to constantly make false promises, and generally lie to the public. In addition, political scandals are always highly publicized, bringing great embarrassment to any politician. If I was a politician, I would live in constant paranoia.

6. Cultists, political activists. People like PETA, or people who promote certain philosophies, cults, or politicians .A prime example of this kind of person are the Animal Rights activists spilling valuable paint on fur coats.

7. The highly religious ones. These are the ones, that stand on street corners shouting about “Eternal Damnation” to all  who do not believe in Jesus. These are the ones who will shout random obscenities at non-Christians on a street corner. A perfect quote to describe this kind of person would be, ” Sometimes the Bible in the hand of one man is worse than a bottle of whiskey in the hand of…. oh say your father” (To Kill A Mockingbird) ( Harper Lee)

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