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Shame, That Is…mr. Christie!


TTBoy Says, “My body aches when anyone claims to know nothing about a scandal when it involves members of their own “Hand-Picked” organization.”

For someone to rant and rave about how “embarrassed” and “disgusted” they are with their choices to represent them in public office, only shows how out-of-touch they are with reality.  The proof is in the pudding.  Mr. Christie seems to have been caught (after the fact) with his hand in the cookie jar.  So, to speak for 102 minutes about your team’s inadequacies, only makes Mr. Christie look bafoonish.  How could anybody believe this person to be truly sorry for what he allowed to happen?  Getting upset because you weren’t endorsed by a member of your own party seems to be reason enough to retaliate.  How could this not be more evident to onlookers?

Mr. Christie has always been boastful of his accomplishments in New Jersey.  What has made New Jersey such a great place is all due to Mr. Christie remaining pompous through-it-all.  But now, egg has been smeared on his own face.  Could extortion have been involved up til now?  Was there a dare to come clean about the traffic issue?  Maybe.  Perhaps.  Even reporters could be called “stupid” my Chris Christie.  Why won’t somebody, anybody, throw more caution to the wind and call it like it really is…a true abuse of power and the biggest government blunder behind the Benghazi incident?  With everything resulting from a paper trail, it’s hard to believe that the All Mighty had nothing to do with lives being affected by stalled traffic.  Yet, there is reason that the head-honcho may think himself to exit the scandal unscathed.  Really?

It probably would have been best to not stand before laughing hyenas pleading for mercy when you knew all too well that your 15 minutes was bound to come to and end.  

At least, that’s how TTBoy Sees it.

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