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Strange Creature Caught Off The Coast of Scottland

A carcass of a very large creature was caught in fishing lines from a small fishing boat.

Today during a routine fishing expedition, a group of fishermen caught a very large strange creature on one of their fishing lines near the Orkney Islands off the North coast of Scotland . The creature was dead and was half rotted away, but they could still see the head and long neck that looked much like a Plesiosaur-like creature. They could not pull it out of the water as it was way too heavy, and their lines would have broke, as well as their boat was too small to handle such a large creature.

They held it as long as they could but had to release it back into the water, as it was pulling their boat over to one side and was getting dangerous. They had nothing to take pictures with, they could only describe what they had caught and seen. Another crew is going to try to locate where they had caught the creature in their fishing lines, but it will not be easy as waters are rough and to pin point the exact location will be difficult . This could possibly be evidence that there really is Plesiosaur – like creature inhabiting the waters in that area around Scotland. Many people have reported, they have seen the same type of creature movingalong in the waters of Loch Ness, which is located in the North of Scotland and is one of a series of interlinked lochs which run along the Great Glen.

It is too bad no one had a cell phone with a camera, everyone else in the world seems to carry these except these people. Oh well! Maybe next time.


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