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Survivor, Caramoan Islands: Author of My Own Fate

Wednesday, March 13, 2013.

Night 10: Gota tribe returns to their camp, and Reynold discusses that they need to move on, now that Shamar isn’t with them anymore. In Bikal, Brandon talks about having passion for his wife and two kids. He tells them to vote him out in the next tribal council. He admits to thinking about torching the campsite as well as pissing in the rice and beans. They think that he is losing it, and they don’t trust him.

Day 11: In Gota, Matt feels that Reynold is a dangerous player. He doesn’t want Reynold to have an idol. In Bikal, Brandon wakes up with a new outlook. He now wants to continue playing the game.

Reward Challenge: Jeff Probst explains the challenge, where two people from each tribe have to hold a rope in order to keep a closed net basket up, while the others have to throw coconuts into the opposing tribe’s net basket until the basket fills up with coconuts and becomes too heavy for the two men to handle. The reward for the winning tribe is food and wine. Matt and Brandon eventually drop their ropes. Then, Michael loses his grip, and the net basket falls to the ground. Bikal wins the reward because Phillip is stronger than the other three men holding the rope.

Gota tribe returns to their campsite, and they quietly make their campfire. Michael wants to try something new in order to improve their productivity and teamwork as well as save their tribe. Sherry, Michael, and Matt each walk around on their own, searching for the hidden idol. Reynold finds the hidden idol, again. He tells Eddie that he just found the hidden idol. In Bikal, they enjoy their food and wine. Then, it starts to rain. They try to keep dry under the shelter. Brandon can no longer tolerate Phillip, and he starts to argue with him to shut up. Then, he apologizes to Phillip. But Phillip makes it clear that he doesn’t trust Brandon because Brandon is a mental case.

Day 13: It has been raining for two days straight, and everyone is soaked. Pouring rain and a thunderstorm create havoc in the campsite. In Bikal, Brandon builds a fire under the shelter. Cochran reads the tree mail. Phillip tells his plan to intentionally lose in the immunity challenge so that they will go to tribal council and vote out Brandon. Andrea tells Brandon. Brandon talks to Phillip, again. They continue to argue. Brandon gets frustrated, and tells him that he will give him a reason to vote him out. He dumps the rice and food out on the ground, yelling out to Phillip to vote him out. Brandon yells out, “I am the author of my own fate, bitch.”

Immunity Challenge: Both tribes meet Jeff at the challenge area. Corinne tells Jeff that her tribe wants to forfeit this immunity challenge so that they can go straight to tribal council. Brandon reveals that he cannot tolerate Phillip any longer, and he continues to fight with him and tell him to shut up. Andrea starts to cry because she has grown close to Brandon. Dawn takes a deep breath, and she adds that she doesn’t want to be here anymore. Brandon and Phillip continue to shout at each other. Jeff decides to give the Immunity Idol to Gota, while they have the tribal council right away, at the challenge area. Bikal tribe votes out Brandon because he cannot handle being around Phillip. Brandon walks out of the game, stating “I am the author of my own elimination.”

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