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Ten Facts About Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim to Win Contest

Every year, Canadians wait for Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim To Win event. Not only is it just one more sign that spring will indeed arrive by the end of the promotion but it’s another chance to cash in on the many free prizes offered during the contest. Check out these facts about Tim Horton’s Roll Up The Rim To Win Contest.

  • Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim To Win Contest is now a quarter of a century old.  Back in 1986 there were no cars to be given away and the biggest prize was a snack pack of Timbits.
  • The 2011 Roll Up The Rim To Win odds have increased from 1 in 9 for previous years to 1 in 6 this year. 
  • 40 brand new Toyota Matrix XRS cars are waiting to be won this year.  They are compact, economical and the best part about it is that if you roll up the rim to win a car,  you don’t lease it.  You own it outright.  In 2010, all 40 vehicles were claimed!
  • By visiting you can quickly register to play Roll Up The Win Roulette.  You get one spin a day and each day there a 25$ gift cards available worth 25$ at any Tim Horton’s coffee shop.  One ‘free coffee for a year’ prize is also awarded.  You even have an option to be sent an e-mail reminder so you don’t miss out on a day.
  • There are a few techniques to rolling up the rim on the coffee cup and with a bit of experimentation and lots of cups worth of practice, it becomes easier.  I am probably not the only one that went a few years by using my teeth to roll up the rim.  I have now found that the method that works best for me is to flatten the portion of the rim where the prize results are located.  I use my thumbs to pinch it flat and then it rolls up very easily.  Someone has invented a Rimroller keychain that painlessly and effortlessly rolls up the rim.  They make fantastic stocking stuffers.  Better yet, they are a Canadian made invention that was profiled on Dragon’s Den.  A pack of 5 are available for $12.95 by visiting the online Dragon’s Den Store.
  • A coffee prize can’t be substituted for a cold drink but can be substituted for any hot drinks on the menu.
  • If you roll up the rim to win a donut, these are some ‘timbits’ of knowledge that you may want want to remember.

The donut with the highest calories is the Walnut Crunch.  It packs 360 calories and also contains the highest amount of fat at 23 grams.  OUCH!

The donut that weighs the most is the apple fritter at 95 grams.  It only contains 11 grams of fat but does come in as a leader in carbohydrates at 49g. 

The donut that weighs the least is Tim Hortons Old Fashioned Plain donut.  Don’t let that fool you!  With a weight of only 58g, it comes in second place for cholestoral content at 10mg and second place for fat content at 19g.  Deceivingly plain, this is one of the worst nutritional donut choices on the menu.

Honey Dip, Chocolate Dip and Maple Dip donuts contain the least calories and fat grams.  These are followed by the fruit filled donuts, although they contain more carbohydrates.

  • If you enjoy exercising your vocal chord by rolling your r’s when you talk about the Roll Up The Rim To Win Contest and you are on facebook, you can join the challenge for the longest rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr by uploading a recording and a picture.  Come on, you know you ‘wanna’ do it!  Click  on the Longest RRRolling “R” Challenge to start rrrrrrrrrrrrrrolling.
  • You can download a free Roll Up The Rim To Win compliments of Tim Hortons.  It is a little jingle that also includes the words ‘double double’.  Click here to download or listen to the ringtone.
  • You can give tribute to Tim Horton’s and the contest by downloading a free roll up the rim to win border for your profile picture on your social networks.  Click here to check out the borders.

One of the great things about Tim Hortons is that they do share their wealth and run many valuable charities.  The Roll Up The Rim To Win annual promotion is undeniably one of the best marketing campaigns ever.  So is their coffee!  Please feel free to comment if you have any great roll up the rim to win stories or if you have been one of the big prize winners!  Happy Rrrrrrrolling!

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