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The Narcissist Master Plan

Do you think that Narcissist plan what they will do to their victims and how they are going to manipulate and control her. I believe that every con artist always has a plan and a scheme of how he is going to get what he wants. I imagine that when a narcissist meets a new potential supply, he spents an enormous of amount of time planning how to ensnare, control, dominate and ultimately destroy his victim.


               Your narcissist will play the role of the perfect mate to guarantee your trust and cooperation until he is convinced that you have been hooked, and then he will unveil his master plan. The plan of the narcissist is simple. He needs to ensnare, control, subvert, dominate and ultimately destroy.  This is the process of getting you to fall in love with him, become emotionally, financially and psychologically dependent on him and then you are annihilated by this consuming, destructive affection and dependence.

             Here are the four stages of a relationship with a Narcissist:

            The first stage is pretending to be the ideal partner. This is designed to hook you. What I found unnerving about the narcissist and emotionally unavailable men is that they know that they do not have desirable decorum and attributes; therefore they feign their temperament in order to ensnare you. They feast on your vulnerabilities. It may appear that bad boys seem to know what women need and continue to play the role until they have gotten their hearts satisfaction then they open the curtains to the thespian relationship that they had prepared for you. 


            The second stage of the relationship with the narcissist is the morphology from prince charming to count Dracula. He idealizes you in stage one and then proceeds to devaluate you in stage two. This is the second part of the plan. The devaluation is necessary for establishing stage three which is dominance and submission.  Devaluation happens in the form of undermining the genuine talents and good nature of the female.

             The woman is made to feel that her afore ideologies and self concepts are wrong. Nothing she does appeases the narcissist, abates his anger or pacifies the verbal abuse.  It appears the narcissist does the opposite. Instead of rescinding when you cry, it enrages him to continue the abuse until he has accomplished some measure of self satisfaction. He upsets the balance and patterns of your expectations, leaving you disarmed and completely befuddle.

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  1. albert1jemi

    On January 21, 2010 at 8:58 am

    great share thank u

  2. Melanie

    On February 2, 2011 at 9:16 pm

    I don’t think narcissists are aware of what they’re doing or realize they manipulate people at all. In their own mind, narcissists believe they are wonderful, perfect people who are moral and kind. I worked with a famous musician (without a contract, foolishly) who was a narcissist. At one point, I joked that he was going to try and rip me off and not credit me for the work I was doing for him and he acted appalled that I would dare to even think that of him. He went on and on, how he would never do that because he’s a good person and has a conscious. I could tell he wasn’t lying but truly believed in his own mind that he would never do such a thing. When in fact he acted/behaved exactly how I predicted, it was all my fault.

    Sociopaths and other disorders may ‘plan-out’ their schemes, but narcissists are so deluded that they believe in the fake self they create. They are wonderful and if things don’t turn out well, it’s the other person’s fault. This narcissist made himself into some poor innocent victim, and he had zero awareness as to why I was pissed at him. To be able to plan and scheme would entail a certain amount of self-awareness and narcissists have no depth or awareness of what they are like which is why therapy fails with these people.

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