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Read this article and comment on the viewpoints of the writer.

The country Philippines is poor. This description has never been changed over the years, and it is felt by many people. For them, the condition of the country becomes worse, and it may even get to the worst part. For some, there may be no chance or hope that the country survives from poverty. These are some points people consider what happens to the world today. For me, the country still survives, still fights for injustices, still craves for success, and still struggles for its existence.

The country is facing its doomsday. However, we survive. We find ways to make the most of what we have. We think the best we can do. Yet, because there may be no good people; there may be no human persons; there may be no selfless love; there may be no heart; and there may be no concern towards humanity, we strive harder. We crave for peace of mind and harmony. In the end, we lose everything.

If only we have someone who can help change the world, we can make the world go better. We can see a whole new world to live, and we live a life with peace and harmony. If only we have a hero of our own, we make life better and the country in general.

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