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The Truth Behind The K to 12 Program in The Philippines

K to 12.

With the Aquino administration this 2012, it is undeniable that many changes have occurred which would probably not have happened if another president won the position. For the first time in history, the Chief Justice has been impeached, which happened only to one of the country’s former presidents. Now, another mark in the country’s history, is a huge step and change to the nation’s educational system, the switch to the K to 12 program.
Many wonder, what is this program? How will it help solve the nation’s economic struggle? Will it really do so?
Among the many countries in Asia, the Philippines is just one of the very few countries following an old educational system. To many government officials, it is high time the government moved a step further in enhancing the nation’s economic and employment problems, which is long overdue. Let us now step back and try to ponder on this program from a parent or student’s point of view. It is a known fact that the Philippines is a third world country with majority of the population right on the poverty line. To many, will this K to 12 program enrich the lives of Filipinos or will it just be a burden to most?
To a third world country like the Philippines, most high school students tend to seize on schooling right after graduation and this is mainly because of lack of financial support. A family of four children would haveparents preferring their kids to help at home or start finding a job to ease the expenses. With this new program, an 18-year old high school graduate can have greater possibilities to get employed overseas. However, though employed, Filipinos will serve as addition to the labor workforce the country provides to bigger nations. As a disadvantage, students are no longer interested or encouraged to pursue a 4-year degree that will allow them to find professional jobs that can cater to the country’s lack of quality employees such as becoming teachers, doctors, nurses and more.
It is a sad fact and truth that the nation still needs a lot of years to bring quality education to the country. It needs the help of not just the government, a stable education system but most importantly, the willingness of its citizens to uplift their way of living. The only way to achieve that is through hard work and perseverance.

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