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Top 10 Most Beautiful Filipina Faces 2012

Fine, beauty is relative, and thus, defined in various ways. So, then, let’s narrow it down. In terms of facial beauty, who among the female celebrities in the Philippines is most well-endowed?

There is indeed a long list of beautiful Filipinas even if we narrow it down to facial beauty as the sole criteria. Normally, whatever is different in a group is considered special, or better termed as exotic. The Whites consider the Browns to be cute, while the Browns find the Whites to be attractive.

Thus, the mestizas are revered as the pretty ones in the Philippines. In the following list of the 10 most beautiful Filipina faces of 2012, this mestiza preference is disregarded (although the list is obviously dominated by mestizas). Rather, the international eye was considered, which means, these ladies are the best faces that can be appreciated globally.

The links on their names were intentionally chosen to show the pictures of the ladies on their simplest. Most of these pictures were those when they had no makeup to prove how beautiful their faces really are whatever is the situation.

So let the list begin:

The morena beauty who happens to be a very intelligent model/host/actress, the hot momma:

#10: Angel Aquino

Another morena beauty who is also a multitalented actress:

#9:  Iza Calzado

Again, a morena beauty with brains that recently wowed the universe as Miss Universe 2011 3rd Runner-up:

#8: Shamcey Supsup

The Leighton Meester look-alike of the Philippines:

#7: Georgina Wilson

The prettiest TV commercial model/teen actress of the Philippines:

#6: Coleen Garcia 

Taking pride in her sweet eyes, smile, and singing voice is:

#5: Carla Abellena

The elegant seniorita and one of the most favorite leading ladies of the Philippines: 

#4: Marianne Rivera

Even if you cover her sexy body, her sweet face still stands out:

#3: Cristine Reyes

The owner of the perfect combination of thin eyes (like that of the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans), Mona Lisa smile, and a morena beauty, the certified pure Filipina beauty:

#2: Angel Locsin

and the Most Beautiful Face in the Philippines in 2012 belongs to the Philippine National Sweetheart and Philippine Princess of All Media:

#1: Anne Curtis

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