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What Gives Us More Pleasure and Satisfaction….?

What gives us more pleasure and satisfaction….?

Most people from all over the world have the same purpose in life: to achieve his (her) goals, or, in other words, to reach happiness. The question is that, what is more pleasant: the pursuit or the attainment of happiness. In my opinion, although reaching targets gives brief pleasure and satisfaction, the pursuit give more long lasting pleasure.

First of all, happiness is something abstract, more of a feeling actually. Desires are more concrete: money,goods, or even person. Thus, people may know when they have attained their desires, but they cannot always tell they have posessed happiness. However, despite the difference in the meaning, both desires and happiness set for people meaningful targets in their lives. To reach them, people have to put many efforts into every aspects of life such as work, relationships, morality. The pursuit is often called where the personal growth happens, because the desire for happiness or needs gives people the sense of being, of purpose.

Secondly, take for instance climbing a mountain. Once the climber has been to the top of a mountain, all other mountain tops are the same. He/she may feel satisfy with his/her efforts to reach the top, however, the object is not really the summit but the climb and the return. These are the challenge. Or for an abstract example: a relationship. A boy finds a girl beautiful and interesting, or in short, he likes her. He wants her to be his girlfriend, treats her as much as possible sothat she can feel his feelings about her . In spite of the flirtation, the girl does not like him. Even the boy could not reach his first target, but at least, he and she may be good friends. So, when people can not attain their goals, they still find the pleasure and satisfaction, and even challenges in the pursuit.

Third, although attaining desires also makes people feel pleasant, not all people do not satisfy with it. Not complacency is one of the human natures, which also means they are never completely happy. What most people do after the achievement of their desires is setting a new goal, finding a new desire. For example, a worker wants a bike. He works hard for it, and finally it is his, however, the enthusiasm last very little. One day, he has a new desire: a motorbike. He works hard, again, and even harder than the last time to make his dream come true. Hence, it is obvious that the attainment of goals is not as interesting as the pursuit.

To sum up, we find much more satisfaction and pleasure in the pursuit of our desires then we find in the attainment of them. It can be deduced from this that not having everything we wants means that we still have something to fight for, which is to live for.

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