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What is The Race IAT?

Sociologists use different measures to calculate prejudice.

I am a firm believer in all people are created equal before taking the test. I felt more in common with an all-weather liberal. This is a person who is unprejudiced and non-discriminating. After taking the test on this site I felt that the result was valid to my beliefs.

Sometimes I do find it difficult to measure someone who is prejudice. When comparing a person that is prejudice to home and work. There may be two different outcomes to the same situation. Because of the negative effects that one may suffer from on the losing a job, one may hide being prejudice. Now taking the same person, outside of work, may encourage a form of prejudice against a race or so forth because the threat may seem less intimidating in the consequence.

Sociologists use different measures to calculate prejudice. Websites and surveys are types of educational tools used to create a high self esteem in society. This type of measurement helps sociologists study rather education helps to encourage a better outcome when calculating prejudice. Other forms of exploitation are the media and laws. The media is used in the normative approach to encourage positive behavior can go against being prejudice. Legal laws are set for preventing prejudice in government cooperation’s such as work, stores, hospitals, courts, to name a few. When laws are broken statistics are designed to help sociologists and society. Control over the different groups helps to see if differences can be set aside so they can work together for mutual goals. In return helps sociologists to determine rather the higher standards have an impact on the prejudice. These are several social trends that have been used to calculate prejudice.

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