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Why Is Society Getting Worse?

Reflecting on why I think the world is getting to be a far more stressful and unhappy place.

The answer for this question is obviously not a factual one, and can only be a reflection by ones self. However I am sure that people are finding that there seems to be alot of unhappy times in there life. Now I do not mean this to be a depressing thought, not at all, I just want people to think a little bit more about the world around them. Question it a bit more. Now unhappiness is obviously going to exist; as the absolute genius, Newton stated, what goes up must come down. It is strange that law exists in so many respects of the world. 

Now if we look back in history and look at the charecteristics, and way of life for alot of people, it was far more relaxed, even though there where quite alot of extremism that did break out, and wars where waged alot, at which will happen for ever in my mind. Men used to strive to be gentlemanly, and woman to be courteous. Now this can be seen to be as quite an extreme way of life again, but you have got to think anything far different from the characteristics of people at any given time, are going to seem extreme. However these people held morals, and although I am not overlooking the fact that there was alot of corruption at previous times, haven’t we had time to work on that corruption. Indeed steps have been put in place to try and wither this corruption out in our world, however quite typically new problems have aroused whilst doing so. Now this is where its getting quite a govermental streak to it, for it is the government who have put in place these schemes to try and stop the injustice. However I find it extremely patronising that humans cannot even live their own lives, without having to have some government take control. Now obviously things work better as a managerial structure, because there are some imbasils who would wreck the world if they didn’t have such things like policing put forward to kick them back into gear. But as long as this keeps happening then the problems are never going to cease to exist. People need to start to realise that it is them that needs to do some of the work, it is them that need to act upon sorting out these bigger problems in life, instead of just moaning about it, and leaving it to the government. Obviously there is the fact that the government will employ people to do it, however if there is a substantial amount of people who are wanting to sort the problem, then why can’t we collectively sort it together, and thus solving the problem alot quicker, and in a far more solid way. Is it not true that two minds work better then one?… Well what if we had thousands?

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  1. ladybaby

    On July 11, 2009 at 6:26 am

    The problem is, that the government is no longer Of the people, by the people. It has taken over all decisions, and left the people by the way side. They have all the military power, to control the people, and the people are depressed, and confused. We had depended on the government for far too many years, and now we are being over taken by it. You are right – if two minds work better then one—how better would it be if we have thousands.
    The world is in chaos, and life is hard. God will intervene before man destroys himself.Keep praying. If we all pray, God will hear us, and come to our rescue.

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