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Why We Hurt Each Other

The main reason for the problems humans face are generally caused by other humans. How can this be if all anyone wants to do is help?

“What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?”
-George Eliot

Everybody Wants to Help

Nine people out of ten, when asked, will say that they would rather help a person in need than stand in the way of someone else’s dreams. However, nine people out of ten people have difficulty achieving their goals due to the actions of other people.

How is it that most every human wants to aid his fellow person, yet the most common source of hardship for people is other people? How can we be so blind to the negative impacts our actions have on others?

Everybody Makes Mistakes

The answer to the question primarily comes down to accidents. The main cause of people harming or otherwise creating difficulty for others is due to accidents. Sometimes people do things that unintentionally trigger negative feelings in others. It could be a serious mistake like driving into someone else’s vehicle or something innocent like humming to oneself. Sometimes it is impossible to know that your actions trigger the rage in another person.

These accidents can not only make it difficult for someone to live, but they could also cause the person to retaliate. Similarly, retaliation could be as simple as borrowing a pen indefinitely or as serious as physical violence. Accidents cannot be predicted and therefore cannot be prevented; however, retaliation is never necessary.

Everybody Needs to Relax

In situations when you feel as though you might lash out, stop, breathe and think. Remember that no person would intentionally try to cause you harm unless you have done something to offend/upset them and otherwise only in extreme situations. When you feel attacked by another person, try to figure out what is motivating the negative behavior. In many situations you may find that there is something constructive you can do to rectify the situation or in some way make peace with your attacker. In other situations you may find that the person’s motives are innocent; however, something may have caused these harmless intentions to become hurtful.

In any case, it is healthier to take every situation with a grain of salt. Recognize that most people in the world, including whoever comes between you and your well being, also seek to live in a more just and friendly society. Always assume first that others are acting with the best intentions in mind. Then try to find a positive way to handle the situation, rather than act on impulse.

Everybody Can Live Happily Ever After

Imagine how much easier your life would be if you didn’t have to worry about other people getting upset at you for making innocent mistakes. Afterwards, do your part to make that world a reality.

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