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Women and Child Welfare

The scheme for economic empowerment also includes the support for training and employment programme.

For social and economic development of women and children, India has setup the department of women and child development which has been implementing the following schemes.

Condensed course of education for adult women- the central social welfare board started this scheme in 1958 with the objective of providing basic education and skills to needy women and also to benefit widows, destitute deserted women and thosing belonging to economically backward classes. Girls and women above 15 years of age are entitled to avail the benefit of the scheme. Under this scheme the grant is given to NGOs for preparing girls for primary, middle, matric and + 2 level examinations.

Mahila mandal programme- the programme was started in 1961 to provide social services to women and children in rural areas where welfare services did not exist at any level. These services are elementary and social value education, maternity services and craft activities, etc.

Swawalamban programme- it was launched during 1982- 1983 with the objective of providing training and skills to women to facilities them to obtain employment on a sustained basis. The trades in which training is imparted include garment making, hand-loom weaving, handicrafts, embroidery and community health. In 2000- 2001, this scheme also includes trades like medical transcription electronic assembling, radio repair, Tv repair and computer training programming through district red cross.

Support to training and employment program (STEP)- The scheme for economic empowerment also includes the support for training and employment programme, which aims to raise the incomes of rural women by updating their skills in the traditional sectors. It provides new skills and knowledge to economically poor women in agriculture, animal husbandry, dairying, fisheries, hand-looms, handicrafts, khadi and village industries etc.

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