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World Population: Muslim Will Supersede Christianity by 2016

To survive a civilisation 1.4% population growth ratio is required.Sometimes population growth ratio decline due to epidemic ,war or any other natural devastation.The family structure of western countries are destroyed causing population growth rate and christan community are the main victim of this circumstances while muslim people are fortunately not affected much.They still uprise value of family structure and could contribute possitive population growth ratio.

As per record of United States Census Bureau world population on this 15Th day of September 2009 is 6.784 billion.Growth ratio in 2008 is 1.1% which is less than the ratio required to survive a civilisation. The advancement of medical science and the green revolution in agriculture sector world wide contribute much to the reduction  of mortality rate . On the other hand adoption of birth control system, live together culture, disregard to family values and less interest by the married couple to have children remarkably contribute negative impact on population growth rate.

The Black Death in the history of mankind happend during 1348 to 1350 which snatches the life of 100 million people reducing the number of people from 450 million to almost 350 million. Starting from central Asia the epidemic namely Bubonic Plague spreaded to Europe and Mediterian Coast. In 1950 few years after the end of world war II the population growth turns to faster scale and raised upto 1.8%. In 1963 it reaches its highest level 2.2%

A new scenario could observe in 1970 while the population growth rate starts declining. The most reasons found are reluctance of the adult to marry and establish a family. Rather the Young prefer to live togather  and not to have children. This practice spread all over the European countries and to a negligible extend to the people of Asian and African countries. Now it is apprehended within a decade Japan has to face similar problem . The reduced growth rate will compel them to allow immigrant from other countries of Asia .

Interestingly Christian community are recorded to be majority in the European countries where the population growth rate are alarmingly declining. The Christian majority South African people are struggling against HIV and mortality rate is high here while the growth rate is less due to scary situation for HIV.

On the other hand Muslim majority area like Middle East, Part of South East and North African people could uplift the riligious value as well as the family structure . The adult loves to marry and show much interest to have children. They equally avail the advance medical care .As a result the mortality rate is same to other people of Western culture but the population growth rate is higher. Therefore evidently the population growth ratio is of Muslim in the world at the moment 2.4%.

At present the Muslim population in the world is 1.66 billion(Muslim Population website) which is less than the Christian population as claimed. But by the end 2016 the Muslim community will exceed the Christian community.

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  1. Christopher N Wamai

    On January 5, 2010 at 9:22 am

    Interesting statistics and analogy of these population trends.

  2. Peace Hudson

    On February 3, 2010 at 7:30 am

    1) muslims are not immune to hiv, they get it even faster.
    2) majority of muslims live in developing countries so their mortality rate is very high.
    3) the hash islamic laws of punishment and discipline kills more muslims than you might think.
    4)sucide bombing is a triend which is growing fastest in the muslim population. infact more muslims will be blowing themselves up by the year 2016
    5) christians are the pioneers of all the good things that promote life and good living in the world. inventions such asmedical science, education, technology, computing communication, peace talks, deplomacy, all promote long life and good living for both christians and muslims. if thechristian nation declins, the muslim population will soon follow.

  3. a nice colored non white christian

    On October 17, 2010 at 11:44 pm

    a white decline im happy
    european christians deserve to die out
    thank god
    christianity is a dominate white religion

  4. Larry

    On January 14, 2011 at 5:41 pm

    White Cristian will always rule the world!!! We are too smart and way too strong to lose to any other religion. We are DOMINANT!!!!!

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