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Your a Gay Guy and Trying to Get This Straight Guy to Like You or You Already Thinks He Likes You Too

Is this straight guy really gay or bi or what?

Ok a lot of people say, if a guy says he’s straight, then just go with it. Now I can give you the correct answer on all this. Now if your a gay guy, and you like a straight guy or at least that’s what he claims to be. Always start off being friends with this person. See how he reacts around you being that your gay. I’ve heard stories about the straight guy letting the gay guy kiss on his neck, or hug so tightly for minutes, or the straight guy be touching you in spots that a normal straight guy wouldn’t do, or even if you both say “I Love You”, and the straight guy still claims that he’s straight. Now everyone is different so I got a variety of answers.  Their are some straight guys who never thought to be gay or bi, but just can’t help the fact they fell for it. Sometimes these same guys  look at other guys and find something attracting about them. Now these are the type that will not tell anyone they find something attracting about guys because they’re afraid of other people to judge them. You ever heard of when a guy claims he’s straight to everyone, but inside he’s likes guys too, but in reality, he doesn’t tell anyone because he’d rather not be judged as a gay or bi guy, rather he’d just keep it a secret.  If this so call straight guy likes you, then when you two get alone, and one makes a move, the truth comes out there.  Then you both would be secretive about your relationship. Now their are other guys who may like other guys, but their afraid of sex with one, so they hide their feelings. Some may just think of sucking a dick would be nasty, but doesn’t care if another guys sucks his. Still may feel nerves if a guy does that to him, but the feeling would over power his fear. Their are guys like this who also is afraid that everyone else would find out.  It’s like they don’t mind trying sex with another guy, but still doesn’t want everyone else to know about it. Because if that happens, people would judge him as gay or bi and a lot of first time guys don’t want to be judged that way right off the back. it takes time. Your job as a gay guy liking a straight guy who you may think is gay too, you have to comfort him about it. Make him know whatever goes on between you two, says between you two.  From what I know, seen, and been through, a straight guy that is checking out gays and just so happens to fuck another guy, usually excepts it. You know why? Because sex takes fear off most people and sex is like the main thing straight guys think of. They look at gay guys doing that and they say”ewe”. But they don’t really know until they try it for themselves. It like food. Someone can put some nasty looking food in your face and tell you to try it. What do you say? Probably no right. Why? Because its looks nasty  therefore it must be nasty.WRONG! Just because something looks nasty doesn’t mean it really is.  Guys fucking other guys, looks nasty, but really isn’t you know why, because straight guys do the same with women. A lot of men like ass. Therefore some fall into the gay life with men because its not about nothing else but in the ass in a gay sex. So who can talk about gay guy sex when technically you do the same with a female. Now know something. If a guy is totally straight, he wouldn’t, I repeat,WOULDN’T, let no other gay guy, kiss on his neck, or wouldn’t touch another gay guy in a sexual way I guarantee. Most wouldn’t even let a gay guy hug all on him, no matter how close you are, a hand shake or maybe a quick pat hug but anything else would be too far. The way I fell into being bi, is because I don’t mind trying new things in life. If you don’t like something in life, it won’t last that long. You gotta like it in order for it to last. So I tried the sexuality with a guy after me and my last girl had split apart from something so hurtful of what she did. Then when you realize its not so bad, you begin to except it or not minding to do it again.  Again with the example of food, once you try it and you see its not so bad, you wouldn’t mind to eat it again.  Just know that if their is a straight guy that says he’s straight but really seems questionable, this means they may be stuck between living the straight life or the gay one, they may be afraid to admit their true feelings about guys, they think of the sex being nasty but they still find guys attractive in a way, or they just can’t decide for themselves so it seems like their bipolar because one minute it seems like he likes you, then the next it seems he doesn’t and these type guys, don’t like to be pressured into making their decision so you have to give them time. Sometimes it can take a long while but the longer it takes, the stronger his feelings and trust for you will grow. Therefore at the end, he wouldn’t mind telling you his true feelings.

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