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Application of Sociology in Social Life

A. Application of Sociology in social life

Sociology is the study of society and its relation to the environment in which people live. This study may provide knowledge for anyone to learn. Sociology of knowledge can be applied in life. The application of sociology in social life can be done through some sort of following.

1. Social Services (Social Planning)

Perncanaan social (Social Planning) to date has been a common trait of a growing community or society is changing. The purpose of the social planning is to predict and limit retardation elements of material culture and technology.

In sociology, social planning should be based on in-depth understanding of the development of civilization from the lowest level to the extent modrn and complex. There is an understanding of the relationship between man and nature, the relationship between communities and new cultural influences on society is also noteworthy.

George A. Lundberg stated that the inability to resolve the problems caused if several factors, among others:

a) Lack of understanding of the nature of the nature of society and the power to shape human relationships.

b) The belief that problems can be done only by mendasaannya the desire to solve the problem without any research.

The difficulty of solving the problem is also due to the common belief that social relations are not subject to scientific research and the public believe that the solution to the problem has been known to just stay applied. Of course, the confidence is mistaken, because the issue must be examined in order to determine the cause of the problem and to determine appropriate solutions to those problems.

While Ogburn and Nimkoff mention social prerequisites of effective planning:

a) The elements of modern society concerning an economic system that has been using the money, urbanisai regular, intelligence in the field of engineering and science as well as a good administrative system.

b) The system of data collection and analysis of good.

c) There is a good public attitude toward social planning efforts.

d) There is a political and economic leader pogrsif.

2. Doing Sociological Research as Development Support

Research is a scientific activity which is based on the analysis and construction and performed methodological, systematic, and consistent. The research objective was to reveal the truth in order to know what is in the encounter in life.

There are several kinds of research that sabagai follows:

a) Pure research, aims to develop a theoretical science.

b) Research, focused on the problem, aims to solve problems that arise in the development of the theory.

c) Applied research, aims to solve the problems facing the community or in government.

Basically every study is a part of science. Therefore, the known presence of social science research, natural sciences, and humanities. In social science research are sociological studies and other research.

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